Q.  How do you use Sweet Bee Beeswax Food Wraps?

A.  Just wrap around the food item or cover a bowl then use the heat of your hand to seal it.  

Q.  How do you wash a beeswax food wrap?

A.  Use running water and your hand in a to-and-fro motion to wash it.  If needed use a few drops of mild dish soap as well.  Air dry and then store as you would a dish towel or other kitchen linen (I keep mine in a drawer with my tea towels). 

Q.  It's really dirty. Can I wash it with hot water?  Or put it in the washing machine?

A.  No!! Definitely not. While our wraps are pretty awesome they're not invincible.  Wax melts so you want to avoid heat in order to maintain the benefits of beeswax food wraps.

Q. Can you wrap food directly with Sweet Bee Food Wraps?

A. Yes. Our wraps are food- safe, made with quality ingredients, local beeswax and FDA-approved pine rosin. The basic exception would be directly wrapping anything that requires hot soapy water (think salmonella-risk foods like raw chicken) for clean up because wax melts and thus would ruin the beeswax wrap.

Q.  Are beeswax food wraps reusable?

A.  Absolutely!  One of the benefits of our wraps is they're reusable and zero-waste.  With proper care and use they last about 6 month to a year.

Q.  Can beeswax food wraps be composted?

A.  Yes they can.  After they've hit their lifespan you can cut them into strips and then put them in your compost bin or your municipal green/organics bin.

 Q.  What other uses are beeswax food wraps good for?  

A.  Yes they're great for preserving food but they can also be used to open tight jars lids, as fire starters or as twist ties on bags.  Also great for wrapping around the stems on bananas to keep them from ripening too fast.

Q.  Where do you get your beeswax from?

A.  We are fortunate to have many apiaries in the Niagara Region so we're able to source our beeswax locally (our main apiarist is located in Beamsville).

Q.  Is pine resin safe?  

A.  Our supply is FDA-approved and food grade. It is safe for contact with food and food products. However if you have a pine-allergy (or an allergy to any ingredient in our wraps/bags) you should not use beeswax food wraps or bags.