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  Ditch the plastic!

Sweet Bee Food Wraps are the environmentally-friendly way to wrap your leftovers. They're reusable, compostable and food safe!


Featured Products
(Patterns Vary)

Kitchen Basics - 3 Wrap Set
(1 small 7x7", medium 10x10", large 13x13")

The best set to get you started on your plastic-free lifestyle.  The small wrap is perfect for wrapping half a lemon, keeping avocado from browning or covering a small bowl.  You'll find medium wraps are great for keeping herbs fresh (no more slimy cilantro!!), making snack pockets for your kids, or covering muffins! Large is indispensable for wrapping full bricks of cheese, smaller loaves of bread, or sandwiches.  All wraps can be used directly on food, to cover bowls or shaped into snack bags.

Essentials - 5 Wrap Set
(1 small 7x7", 2 medium 10x10", 1 large 13x13", 1 XL 13x17")

All of the basic set offerings plus an additional medium wrap AND one of our specialty size wraps - the extra-large (XL) wrap - perfect for covering casserole dishes (9x13"), leftover baguettes and full heads of lettuce.

Bread Wrap

No more stale bread after 1 day. Designed to wrap an entire loaf of fresh, homemade bread or an artisan loaf from the bakery, you will enjoy fresh bread for noticebly longer.

XL Wrap

Perfect for covering casserole dishes, leftover baguettes, and heads of lettuce.

Sweet Bee Food Wraps

It's time to ditch the plastic and wrap your food a better way! Using quality ingredients, Sweet Bee Food Wraps preserve your food by letting the natural exchange of gases to occur, extending the life of your food and keeping it fresher longer. They are an essential part of your plastic-free journey.

The best part? They are zero-waste! Just compost when they're used up in about a year. Good for food. Good for you. Good for the Earth. What's not to love?

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